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Affordable Life Insurance

Protect Your Family's Future

Practical Affordable Protection

Freedom Financial Solutions, LLC is based in Charlotte, North Carolina with local agents servicing 19 states. We offer fast, flexible, products from the top Insurance Carriers. Our goal is helping families like yours, protect their loved ones every day through obtaining coverage with benefits so their family can stay in their homes, and provide financial security for their future.

Provide Financial Security

You can't avoid the emotional distress caused by Death, Disability, Critical Illness, or unplanned retirement events would cause. However, basic planning can prevent the resulting financial turmoil and give you the peace of mind you desire now and for the future.

Freedom Financial Solutions provides you with the products you need to secure your families future. It is our mission to employ the best products, people, and programs in the financial services industry to help you achieve your financial goals.

How It Works

Our Field Agents will assist you with options tailored life insurance quotes to match your family’s specific needs. We offer affordable premiums from company’s you can trust with no physical exam, just a few simple health questions to determine eligibility and provide affordable life insurance options.